Energy Utility/Agency

Envinta designs, develops, and provides processes to assist energy providers in strategically managing their customer engagement process.

Envinta’s suite of products help Energy Utilities, Program Managers or Government Agencies engage with the executive team of their customers to identify their needs and prepare individual strategic action plans. They enable you to drive top down change through decision makers and facilitate sustainable change. They connect your customers with your programs and services that meet the customer’s core needs and drive energy and environmental action.

Our customer relationship product, One-2-Five Energy, utilizes a proven methodology that enables you to evaluate a customer’s energy management business systems, provide tailored recommendations aimed at achieving “best practice”, and benchmark results against like industry participants.

By implementing a One-2-Five Energy program with your customer base, an energy provider can expect to increase shareholder value through increased customer participation in current offerings, optimized sales force and account management effectiveness, and improved market research for product development.

Our products scale from small, owner operated businesses through to global multi nationals, addressing the unique complexities of each sector in deriving real and sustainable outcomes for them.